Reasons of choosing
Hong Kong, China 

Still Choose the West? Time has changed. 

All new high technologies happen in China, not the west. 

The west is going down very quickly. The largest industrial city of the UK - Birmingham went bankrupt. Followed by Nottingham city and many more. US's debt is obviously unrepayable and is collapsing. The whole west is having very serious national debt issues. They don't even manage their pockets and there are endless strikes, gunshots and robberies. Students' safety becomes an issue. Do students still go there to learn? Learn how to go bankrupt and under the high personal safety risks? 

China is going up very very quickly in all aspects. Hong Kong is China's international financial center city. All world's new high innovative technologies happen in China.

Hong Kong is the BEST NEW choice for international education. It is just adjacent to China's new high technology city -Shenzhen where many China's new high technology companies' headquarters locate. Students attend the same high top quality international English schools at day time. After school and during holiday, they learn Chinese cultures, history, languages, insights, philosophies, peaceful developments in the local family,taught by the China Guru - Mr. Fong. Total immersion experience. 

We are the ONLY ONE to provide these services in the world. 

Hong Kong, China Boarding School with Luxury and Safe Local Family Stay

(Can Start in Any Month of the Year)

(With Hong Kong Permanent Residence Status Option)

To Cultivate New World Leaders

Premium Legal Local Guardian Services

Let your children embrace China's Fast Peaceful Development! 

Premium High End International Primary/High School with Premium Local Family Home Stay Services (can choose one year option or more years)

(Can Start in Any Month of the Year)

Hong Kong International Primary/High School with Luxury Family Homestay Scheme

(Can Start in Any Month of the Year)

- Suitable for Middle East and other countries' primary/high school students studying in full-time primary/high schools in Hong Kong (one year or more years options)

Students Attend Day School (Monday to Friday). After school, on weekend days and school long holidays, we provide the below Premium High Quality Local Home Family Stay Services:

- All meals included (with or without pork option)

- Accommodation (room for 2 people), free 24-hour 5G wifi

- Include daily homework assistance and review

- Include Chinese moral education, Cambridge English certificate courses

- Hong Kong local Chinese family life total immersion and integration. Chinese culture knowledge and education

- Arrangements for school bus pick-up and drop-off included

- Include interest classes and sports classes

- Include Mr. Fong personal daily mentoring for China's most recent news and developments, cultures, stories, histories, economy, industries and the world's new future developments and the kids' possible ways of joining the China belt and road international cooperation initiatives in the future.

- Chinese Cantonese and Mandrain language immersion

- China Government HSK Chinese Language exams (writing, reading, listening and speaking) and trainings included.

- Include Chinese will-power exercise trainings

- English speaking environment too

- Islamic or Christianity or Buddhism or Chinese Taoism lessons (2 hours per week)

- Include monthly excursion day trips to Hong Kong different theme parks such as Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland.

- Comprehensive medical insurance included

- Include all Chinese festival celebration activities and big family festival gathering dinners

- Include comprehensive individual carings and counselings

- Real love and friendly environment and atmosphere

- Include self life independence, emotional control, stress management and confidence building trainings

- Include traditional Chinese wisdom trainings

- Include Chinese interpersonal communication skills trainings

- Include 'think like a Chinese' trainings

- Include Chinese popular songs and traditional operas appreciation, monthly Chinese art and opera theater visitings

- Enough rest and sleep times ensured

- Student own smart phone included, parents video call any time (except school times)

- Include airport pick up services.

- Include Hong Kong Government student visa application services.

- Include Hong Kong permanent residence status (Hong Kong Green Card) application services once Hong Kong Government permanent residence criteria are met.

- Include mainland China tourist visa services

- Include Shenzhen city excursion day trips, such as Shenzhen Safari and China Folks and Cultural Village visiting during long school holidays.

- Include all daily necessities, healthy snacks, clothes.

- Include air-conditioning rooms and heating in winter.

- Helper in the house service included.

- Basketball, tennis, table-tennis, swimming pool facilities and classes included.

- Weekly taekwondo lessons included.

- Kids military self independence and self-discipline training included.

- All transportations included.

- Boys and Girls rooms separated

- Absolute Students Safety and no Bullying allowed.

To Cultivate New World Leaders

Quota: 4 students

Villa style house (with private clubhouse and swimming pool) in Yuen Long District, New Territories, Hong Kong

Premium Family Stay and Services Cost: HKD35,000 per month

(Primary/High School fee not included)

Minimum: one year (12 months)

(Can Start in Any Month of the Year)

To Cultivate New World Leaders

Payment method:

10% payable immediately, 90% payable after arriving Hong Kong.

10% of one year fee is (HKD35,000 x 12) x 10% HKD42,000 for reserving a place. An official receipt will be issued.

90% of one year fee is (HKD35,000 x 12) x 90% HKD378,000, payable upon arrival. An official receipt will be issued.

Our Bank details:

Bank: Bank of China, Hong Kong
Account number: 012-349-1-002505-8
Beneficiary: Fong, Chi Ho

Parents and children are welcome to visit our home in Hong Kong any time.

Mr. Fong
WhatsApp: +852 93018025


18 Hibiscus Path, Westwood, Palm Springs, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong, China

We will assist you with the premium high end international primary/high school application.

Hong Kong Local Chinese Family status:

- Parents (Master's degrees, secondary school teacher, professional accountant)
- Son (Secondary 2 International School student), speak both English and Chinese

To Cultivate New World Leaders

Applicants apply to the Hong Kong high end private International Primary/High English School (with Chinese language education) directly with our assistance.

Recommended Premium Private Primary International English School:

School Fee: About HKD18,000 per month for 10 months a year

- We recommend to pay a full year school fee to the school.

WhatsApp: +852 93018025

Mr. Fong

To Cultivate New World Leaders

High school and University options available.

High School:

- We recommend to pay a full year school fee to the school.

** Hong Kong Permanent Residence Status Option:

(1) International Students who have completed full time degree courses in any Hong Kong's Universities can apply for Hong Kong Permanent Residence Status (Same Status of Hong Kong Local People) after working in Hong Kong for 7 years.

(2) International Families Hong Kong Migration Scheme:

Please see the below Hong Kong Government announcement for details. We provide professional assistance services.

Hong Kong Government Business Registration Certificate

Chinese Festivals

Testimonial from parents of Dubai:

China has undergone profound changes dating back to the nineteenth century, including a contemporary period of rapid modernization particularly during these 20 years. The results have been dramatic social, cultural, and economic shifts impacting the daily lives of all people in the world. I am sure that you can feel it. 

Hong Kong is the most international city in China. 

Being an international student can be an educational, cultural and rewarding experience. Our son went and lived with the expectation of improving his Chinese and English and experiencing life in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

He learnt about life in the rapid changing and developing modern China, particularly the newest emerging latest technologies and the cultural differences. Its a great opportunity to share life with Mr. Fong's family. 

Mr. Fong's family is a very caring, considerate and knowledgeable local Chinese host family. Mr. Fong understands how to make kids from other countries enjoy, learn and assimilate into modern Chinese education and lives. Students become part of the family and will never be the same. The relationships built even make changes in students' lives. Our kid built awareness by becoming more attentive and interested in things in modern China. He learnt things that he probably would never had the chance to have but more importantly, he got to share a life journey with a real experienced and knowledgeable Chinese mentor.  Mr. Fong even taught him how to be better person and even changed our thoughts about what could we do to improve things in a Chinese way. 

Have you ever considered letting your kids to live in the fast developing second to none biggest rising economy with Mr. Fong's family? We took the challenge and our lives have never been the same. A true wealth of valuable experience and our kid will never forget. 

China Technologies

Video: Huawei AI Electric Vehicle AITO M9, 2024

Turned Desserts to Forests by New Technologies


How China Turned Deadly Dessert to Green Forest

(Can Start in Any Month of the Year)

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Mr. Fong

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Reference Information of Hong Kong Government:

Application for Naturalisation as a Chinese National:

Note: For Hong Kong Permanent Residence Application, it is NOT necessary to apply for Naturalisation. The applicant can keep their own nationality and passport.

Agent Cooperations are welcome. USD1,500 per student referral fee will be paid to the agent (after the parents have paid the required fees).

Can start in Any Month of the Year.

WhatsApp:+852 93018025
Mr. Fong